Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Choosing a Real Estate Professional, Look No Further Than The Newport Group

If you are searching for a luxury or high-end home it is important that you reach out to experienced real estate professionals. The Newport Group are not only experienced but a seasoned and diverse team that understands your needs and point of view. We will help you to make an informed buying decision as well as provide you with detailed information regarding luxury homes in a particular region.  The Newport Group’s focus is on the luxury home market and we are familiar with this market and the particular needs of both the seller and the buyer. We understand that community lifestyle, convenience, privacy and social amenities differ from one neighborhood to the next

Our group of experienced real estate professionals know the market and understand the complexities of luxury high-end listings. Hiring the right real estate professional is very vital for any home purchase or sale, but even more important for high-end homes. When choosing a real estate professional, you should consider our experience and knowledge of the luxury home market. You simply cannot go wrong with the Newport Group. 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finding a Luxury Property

The Group is led by award-winning sales professional and 25 year veteran, Lisa Morrison, provides residential real estate brokerage services to Newport and the surrounding communities. Our expertise extends to the luxury market, waterfront homes, investment properties and vacation homes. With the Newport Group comes an intimate understanding of the culture and environment due to the dynamic fusion of diverse skills and expertise that our staff possesses. We understand the unique nature of homes and estates in Newport, particularly in the arena of luxury homes, second homes and investment properties.

Our Purpose is to offer the very best in service while maintaining integrity and professional standards. We are driven by the challenge, no matter how big or small. We strive to successfully match each individual client’s needs and wants to a particular property. We understand that different clients have diverse needs- some may want to own that perfect luxury home while others may just be looking for investment properties. 
Some clients might require a second home and need our help to find best the most suitable one. We recognize that real estate is about one-on-one relationships, networking and service. Coldwell Banker and its technology platform have afforded us the ability to showcase properties in an instant with an international reach.

Many people think of real-estate business as a linear, non-emotive enterprise but we beg to differ. When you find a person their dream home- you have to absorb a bit of their ambitions, aspirations and interests. It doesn't happen in a vacuum. This is why we place the needs of our clients’ before anything else. And we provide the very best in real estate whatever maybe your requirement. This is a client-centred business where if your client is looking for that fabulous luxury home in a quiet neighbourhood or that second home in the hustle-bustle of the city, or that awesome investment property, you need to assess their requirements and provide the very best for them.

The Newport Group stands for quality, integrity and professionalism. We excel in providing variegated real estate properties to our potential clients. Our expertise lies mainly in finding the best luxury homes, second homes and investment properties for our clients. And, we strive each day to make your dreams come true. So if you are looking for a superb property along with quality real estate services that truly understands who you are- you cannot possibly go wrong with The Newport Group.  Call us today: 401-849-3339 or visit our website